Ashar Family

Ashars Family

  • 25000
    • Birth of the Demon-King of the 7th Anzul
  • 15000
    • Birth of Eur'ador, death in flesh.
    • The Final Angelic/Demon war takes place, (see divine wars).
  • 5657
    • The first lady of the Elves, Evenil, is born.
  • 5600
    • The first lord of Elves, Ashar, is born.
  • 4650
    • The second eldest of the Untari is born Zephar the Speaker of Wisdom.
  • 4365
    • The third elder of the Untari is born named Ul'zhan.
  • 4189
    • Ashar and Evenil become lovers
    • Tebye the Witch appears out of the Pti Desert.
  • 4015
    • Ashar was visited by Earuz, keeper of time. He begins to speak the words of time, enlightening his people, whom are also visited by elder spirits.
  • 3980
    • Wife of Zephar is born called Zelina, Lady of Truth in latter days
  • 3560
    • Birth of Epharin 'AngelWings' He was the only elf born with wings and an angelic skin
tone, which was nearly unseen in the Untari tribes.
  • 2665
    • Wife of the soon to be El'gran is born, Uzeline is her name.
  • 2560
    • Shadowlord Behont is conceived presumably by ancient chaos.
  • 1768
    • The first son of Ashar and Evenil is born they call him Abel'dan 'speaking-wisdom' after foreseeing his birth and his true origins as the Fifteenth Ancient to exist, Uho'zhandale, whom was once twenty-five Immortal Dragons.
  • 1647
    • Birth of Ul'zhan's wife, Uleana.
  • 1569
    • The youngest of the Untari Elders is born called El'gran the Guardian of the Moon.
  • 987
    • The second son of Ashar, Cùl'ban, is born.
  • 456
    • Elle'shari is born, daughter of El'gran and Uzeline
  • 450
    • Birth of Epharin's first son Neuvarin "Elder Wings", bore with wings like his father and another ancient Epharin spirit reincarnated.
  • 378
    • Epharin's second son born, Vu'chani, he was born without wings. Called Elf-King, even though he was no leader, he was infact an elder Spirit incarnate.
  • 256
    • Birth of Zephan son of Zephar and Zelina
  • 150
    • The Warkeeper and leader of the Chaos Orcs and Founder of Dintor, Eruk is born
    • Cùl'ban becomes jealous of Ashars attention on Abel'dan and slaughters him in the night. Many say Cùl'bans spirit teacher was the Dark-Lord disguised as a sage. Cùl'ban was banished. Just outside of the halls of Ungar and Otari he came across a wondering pack of simple-minded elves. He slowly distorts them and shows them the path of darkness. They follow him blindly east of the forest.
  • 60
    • Cùl'ban leads his new family into the desert lands of Eljhar, and found the nation of Deugoth. He claimed his land Deugal "dark lands" in the name of his High Teacher and soon allows the elder transferance of mind. Becoming a combination of Anzul and Himself. Known later as Uhgarith "Death-Bringer".

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