Asharics Depature from Ungar



Dragon, Angels, Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling


Daemon, Orcs, Goblins, Orge, Trolls, Gargoyle


Ancient Age, Golden Age, Chaotic Age, King's Age, Daemon Age, Salvation Age


Valanor, Western Lands , Middle-lands, Eastern Lands


Male, Female, Royals, Ascended

Ancient Days

Timeline  Golden Age  Chaos Age  King Age  Daemon Age  Salvation Age



  • 1
    • The founding of Ungar by Ashar and the birth of the Untari 'Ancient Elves'.
  • 125
    • Zelana, daughter of Zephar is born.
    • The only son of Cùl'ban is born Ubél "High Legion". He is said to hold the very essence of 10,000 deceased Demonic Spirits, whom were known in their living years as the Legion of the Damned, or High Legion to their demonic brethern.
  • 135
    • Asharic third son of Evenil and Ashar is born.
  • 145
    • Asharic is a young prodigy of the essence and travels abroad to distant lands.
  • 150
    • Epharin founds the nation of Otarihan and the people of the Olari a seed of the Untari.
  • 233
    • The daughter of Cùl'ban is born, lady of the myst, Paloma.
  • 287
    • Ozelen Born of Zephar.
  • 290
    • Asharic meets a very simple-minded group of creatures whom he called the Gahal "barbaric ones". Later to be known as the Human Race. He quietly lived amongst them for years examining their movements keeping a balance within. He found what seemed to be the shaman and began to teach him simple things, telekinesis amongst them.
  • 334
    • Uzar son of Ozelen born.
  • 416
    • Asharic returns to his homeland of Ungar bringing the knowledge of his journey, he discovered the first writing system known today as Unzhari "Elder Speech". He marries Zelana daughter of, Zephar, later that year.
  • 417
    • Asharic begins recording the stories of his father and the town's elders aswell as his own. Piecing together a veryu basic chronology of events. He spoke of the Great Spirits and elder beings who dwell beyond the forest.
  • 546
    • Ari'dhul born.
  • 567
    • Udan of Asharic is born.
  • 573
    • Ugren of Paloma and Ugarin, born.
  • 657
    • Zelana and Asharic move to the western forests of Arico and found the nation of Lavitan and call their people the Zelaven(Seafolk)
  • 657
    • Ullea born, daughter of Ul'zhan and Uleana.
  • 678
    • Birth of Zelphan son of El'gran.
  • 801
    • El'gran and his family settle in the southern mountains of Arico and claim themselves the Arenghal "Keepers of the Moon" and name their village Arozhan.
  • 823
    • Ubel's only son is born, Uzan.
  • 879
    • Cellos son of Asharic born.
    • Daughter of Zephar and Zelinal, Ceana, born.
  • 956
    • Zelana gives birth to her last son with Asharic, Aral.
  • 978
    • Uza'lina duaghter of Uzeline and El'gran, born.
  • 987
    • Ullea of Ul'zhan born.
  • 997
    • Birth of Sellen daughter of Ari'dhul.
  • 1056
    • Birth of Udyne, son of Udan.
  • 1165
    • Udyne takes Ullea as his spouse
  • 1179
    • Birth of Zulara wife of Aral II.
  • 1187
    • The Daughter of Vu'chani, Cellana, born.
  • 1256
    • Zelina leaves Asharic for Neuvarin.
  • 1257
    • Baku-l'krot is born to of Pti Desert
  • 1286
    • Aral II son of Aral is born on this year.
  • 1299
    • Ugal son of Udyne born.
  • 1356
    • Abel'dan of Ugal born.
  • 1546
    • Asel of Aral II born.
  • 1560
    • Eved son of Cellos born.
  • 1670
    • Ellan of Cellos born.
    • Ugari of Neuvarin born.
  • 1867
    • Zupharis son of Ul'zhan born.
  • 1876
    • Zuegari son of Udyne and Ullea born.
  • 1897
    • Zel'phar is birthed in this year, last son of Neuvarin
  • 1987
    • Gevedel of Aral II is born.
    • Meleis of Vu'chani born.
  • 1993
    • Birth of Uvel, wife of Ellan.
  • 2143
    • Uvara, wife of Ea born.
  • 2156
    • Ea son of Ellan born.
    • Uzan, son of Ubel rebel's against his grandfather, with forty dark elves, and forms a peaceful nation known later as the Sindran 'High Elfs'.
  • 2169
    • Daughter of Zupharis, Ari'el born.
  • 2265
    • Second son of Ellan, El'zhan born.
  • 2285
    • Birth of Ela'gost son of Zupharis
  • 2645
    • Uzhan of Ul'zhan born.
  • 2878
    • Zulara duaghter of Ela'gost and Elle'shari born.
  • 2881
    • Ulo'dan first son of Ela'gost born.
  • 3143
    • Uvara second daughter of Ela'gost born.
  • 3645
    • Birth of Ea and Uvara's only child Heudara.

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